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Ultra fresh, local produce

We have just opened our honesty shop, the stock changes daily depending on what Amanda has cooked and what veg is growing in the garden.  There is always a selection of Amanda’s home made jams and chutneys for sale, eggs and when the time is right, our own meat.  The shop is constantly evolving, we already stock beautiful steamed sponge puddings and meat stuffed suet pies made by our friend Anne at Quantock Steamers, Apple Juice pressed by Herby4 and we are working with other farmers and producers to make Yellow Door the place to come for your super local produce.  Watch this space, Instagram and the chalkboard at the gate to see what we have for sale. 

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It may seem odd to have constantly changing stock and sometimes only limited amounts, but eating local is what we are all about – as we have felt recently, when the rest of the world is going mad, local businesses are there for us, we HAVE to support them and the best way for us all to survive is to work together.

I hope that it is clear by now that we hate waste and it was in a bid to eat ‘nose to tail’ when we slaughtered our first batch of pigs that our pork scratchings were born! We now work with a local butcher to use a cut that would often just be binned to make the ultimate porky nibbles. Amanda hand makes natural, fennel, chilli and beer flavours and these can be posted – just drop us a line to find out more and place your order.

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