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About the Sheep

A mixture of Dorset Downs, Dorset Polls, Suffolk Crosses and a single Welsh Black Mountain. All of our breeding stock have names and come when they are called! 

Shirley – The black sheep of the family, she’s an independent spirit and is often the one off exploring on her own.  Mum to Storm and Sheila who are both sassy just like their mum!

Stella – This girl is amazing! Despite having her hooves full with triplets this year, she has taken on orphan twins and her strong lungs are often heard calling all 5 lambs to order. Nose rubs are Stella’s thing and she’s often pushing her face into your hand to get attention. Stella is mum to Suzie.

Doris and Doreen – The Dorset Downs, these girls were a birthday present from my parents, they came to us with lambs afoot and have provided the maternal experience for the team.  As they haven’t been hand reared, they aren’t as cuddly as the rest, but these girls are bomb proof and I love them. Doreen is mum to Steph.

Boy – This guy is a pet! He was a castrated lamb in my first ever batch of orphan lambs but he was such a character, I just couldn’t bring myself to get him slaughtered.  The excuse is that he’s so soft that he encourages all of the other sheep to follow in his footsteps.  Scratch his back and he’s your friend forever.

One Ball – In the farming world, male lambs are castrated using rubber bands a few days after birth.  To do this, both testicles need to be in the scrotum.  As the name suggests, this guy is a bit lacking so he came to us as an uncastrated orphan lamb.  Thinking that he wasn’t up to the job, he was allowed to run with the ewes and we had 9 surprise lambs that year.  Just imagine what he could do firing on all cylinders!

One Ball is a Dorset Poll so he’s a wooly wonder who will do anything for a chin rub and a cuddle. 

Sophie & Primrose – Sadly we lost one of our ewes, Orph to pneumonia this year but she didn’t give up until she had reared twin lambs.  Sophie is her ewe lamb from last year and Primrose one of the twins.  She is called Primrose due to the fact that a big bank of primroses was the first thing that made me smile after dropping Orph at the fallen stock yard.